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Welcome to Rubber Chucky Products, LLC

All Rubber Chuckies are proudly Made in the U.S.A.

The Original Rubber Chucky was conceived to be used with Hollow Forms; during the testing process we discovered many additional uses. We then proceeded with developing additional woodturning accessories and continue to bring them to the marketplace.

Advantages of using Rubber Chuckies include:

Unlimited Use - Many configurations to fit any project, you are only limited by your ideas!

Gripping Power - it is not necessary to apply a lot of pressure (therefore eliminating cracking), yet it provides plenty of traction for turning.

No burned wood - it eliminates burning wood often associated with a wood jamb chuck.

Color will not bleed - with color molded into the Rubber Chucky, it will not come off on your work piece. The color also aids in finding it in your shop!

Many shapes - We continually develop different shapes of Chuckies for various workholding solutions.

These products have been tested on the OneWay™, Powermatic™, Jet™ and Nova™ live centers.

Rubber Chucky Products can be used to help you turn any item you see fit and are designed to be used in conjunction with:

Headstock with a Chuck - Minimum opening of 2.5" (63.5mm)

Optional MT2 Arbor - No Chuck Required to mount in Headstock.

Tailstock by removing the 3/4-10 threaded cone on a live center.

PLEASE NOTE: To fully utilize the full capabilities of most of our products, you will need a Live Center with a removable cone which we now offer.
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Please read all product descriptions for our product use instructions and/or recommendations.

While continually striving to improve our products the actual product and/or color may vary from what is shown on our website.

NOTE: For some products, the manufacturing process requires some secondary machining. If your product exhibits marks, it will not affect the use of the product.

The safe use of this product is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser.  If you do not agree with this, please return the Rubber Chucky product immediately for a full refund.  Your use of this product will constitute your agreement to your responsibility.

Note: OneWay™, Powermatic™, Jet™ and Nova™  have not endorsed nor have they been requested to endorse any product manufactured by Rubber Chucky Products, LLC.

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